A story that began long ago

The Pride Café was opened on November 21st, 2021 and is a community hangout space in Hypixel housing, as well as outside of it.

The project was started to create a good and well moderated safe-space for queer people of all kinds in Hypixel housing, and has since gathered a small community.

On opening day, the build already took over 40 hours to complete! Since then, total building time spent in the Café has grown into hundreds of hours with no signs of stopping, and the cafe is as lively as ever.

The hangout was started by Alicja (that's me!), but soon after the opening the Café became a co-hosted project with tigerthorns_.

Over time, the community grew, with the Discord server opening in September 2022. A lot of events and activities were hosted since, from movie nights to the first anniversary of the Café event week. As of writing, we're running seasonal themes with new and unique activities. You can find them in Downloads.

Who we are

Alice Alicja


Hello! I'm Alice and I'm the original founder of the café.

And woah, this project has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

I'm a digital artist, experienced minecraft builder and a mathematician. I'm also queer and non-binary!

I'm also an adult with a dream, and that is to make Kale plushie a reality.

Enjoy the café and stay safe! <3

Thorn tigerthorns_


A creator of chaos and a breaker of walls, I'm the reason for the secret rooms and extensive amounts of collectables! Blame any suffering you have in the cafe on me.

I enjoy writing and sometimes art, but I'm uh- very terrible at motivation.

I identify as a lesbian and don't really have an official label for my gender, so I'm fairly comfortable with any pronouns!

...Oh no, I don't know how to end this.

Kale The Dragon Protector


And this is Kale, our tamed Café dragon mascot!

Beloved by the community, this very pettable dragon has served the restaurants of the Café region for a while now, and all so in exchange for a place to stay and keep it's hoard.

Come by and give them a pet!